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Organization: Dept of Health Services (DHS)
Publish Dates: 3/4/2019 through 4/18/2019
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2013 Wisconsin Act 20 authorized the Department of Health Services (DHS) to establish a grant process to support development of new graduate medical education (GME) programs. The purpose of this document is to provide entities considering establishing such programs with information to assist in preparing and submitting applications for funding. Support for development of new GME programs is limited to primary care, general surgery, and psychiatry. The effective date of contracts awarded under this funding opportunity will be July 1, 2019.
The DHS GME Initiative is supported by the Division of Public Health, the Division of Medicaid Services, and the Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget and reflects the priorities of DHS. A small advisory group of external stakeholders help guide the Initiative.

Goal: To increase access to quality health care by increasing the number of physicians practicing in rural and underserved areas of Wisconsin

To assist rural hospitals and groups of rural hospitals in developing accredited GME programs in family medicine, general internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, and psychiatry. Grants may also be used to establish new addiction medicine and addiction psychiatry fellowship programs.
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