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Organization: Dept of Health Services (DHS)
Publish Dates: 9/29/2022 through 10/26/2022
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Improving Routine Vaccination Uptake for Children and Adolescents Through Community Outreach
Vaccinations are a critical tool in preventing and mitigating the spread of diseases within the community. Vaccine-preventable diseases can cause long-term illness, hospitalization, and may lead to death. especially among young children. For the past few years much of the focus has been on getting our communities vaccinated against COVID-19. Simultaneously, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) encourages parents and guardians to ensure their children stay up to date with routine vaccinations and catch up on any doses that have been missed. As in-person learning and communal activities are occurring again, it is imperative that both children and adolescents continue to stay immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases, such as influenza, human papillomavirus (HPV), and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR).

Wisconsin data shows that fewer people have received their routine vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the average number of people vaccinated between 2015-2019. Of all the age groups, children aged 5-6 years had the biggest decline in the number of routine vaccines received. Additionally, vaccination rates continue to be low in communities of color. Nationally, data shows that disparities in severe flu outcomes were greatest in the youngest age groups (0-17 years), with hospitalization ICU, and in-hospital mortality rates 1.3-4.4 times higher among racial and ethnic minorities* aged 0-4 years compared with non-Hispanic White children.

The State of Wisconsin is building on the success of employing trusted messengers in community-based organizations to conduct outreach in areas with low COVID-19 vaccine rates as part of the Moving Forward Together Grant Program. The State recognizes that the experts in community-based organizations are best-positioned to promote routine vaccinations among historically marginalized and underserved communities as was demonstrated during the COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Outreach efforts must include strategies to ensure that vaccines are accessible to communities that face barriers accessing medical care and people who have historical mistrust of the medical community and vaccines.

The successful awardees shall assist DHS with its mission to protect and promote the health and safety of people in Wisconsin. More specifically, the proposed projects will support the Bureau of Communicable Diseases’ (BCD) goal to prevent those communicable diseases for which immunizations are available. The goal of this RFA is to promote vaccine education and strengthen community engagement, particularly in communities with disproportionate vaccination rates with outcomes of increased routine vaccination uptake among children and adolescents.
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