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Organization: Dept of Health Services (DHS)
Publish Dates: 3/27/2024 through 4/25/2024
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2024 Comprehensive Suicide Prevention – Telemental Health Access through Digital Literacy Funding Application

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Public Health (DPH) announces the availability of funds for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Comprehensive Suicide Prevention (CSP) Program. The aim of the CSP Program is to a) create a multi-sectoral partnership, b) use existing data to select disproportionately-affected populations (DAP) at risk for suicide death and self-harm injuries, c) create an inventory of existing suicide prevention programs and identify areas for growth to reach vulnerable populations, d) engage community resources to increase and expand strategies identified in the CDC Suicide Prevention Resource for Action toolkit, and e) develop and implement a communication plan to share results and improve coordination of providers and resources which serve the identified populations. Further, this project will ensure rigorous evaluation of selected strategies and the success of comprehensive suicide prevention while building sustainable infrastructure to reduce suicide mortality and morbidity through an effective public health approach.

Funding opportunity:

The Wisconsin DHS, DPH seeks applicants to implement digital literacy programming for rural men ages 25 and older and increase computer access for telemental health care in rural communities. The funded agency must provide direct services in rural counties as designated by the WI Office of Rural Health. This is a supported strategy by the CDCís CSP Program as it promotes access and delivery of suicide care and reduces provider shortages in underserved areas. The aim of this funding is to a) support the implementation of digital literacy programming for rural men aged 25 and older b) increase access to computers with internet for telemental health utilization in rural communities, and c) engage with DHS in a multi-sectoral partnership designed to support comprehensive suicide prevention efforts throughout Wisconsin. Selected applicants will work closely with DHS staff and the contracted evaluation partner to ensure evaluation of implemented strategies and activities.

Funded agencies will help advance the following priorities:

 Ten percent reduction in suicide among males aged 25+ living in rural counties in Wisconsin
 Increase partnership and collaboration related to suicide prevention statewide
 Address shared risk and protective factors (i.e., factors increasing risk for suicide or preventing suicide)
For more information contact:
Rebecca Gonnering    (920)448-5226
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